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Friday, 11 February 2011


Yes I know that this is allegedly a literary blog. But whilst reading I often listen to music! And all art forms encroach on other art forms, don't they? Well two good excuses for talking about a favourite band - Bellowhead.

Actually this is also a topical post because the band was at the Radio 2 Folk Awards last Monday evening, having been nominated for 'Best Group' - they won! - [I may be alone in preferring to say 'Band' rather than 'Group'], 'Best Tradtional Track' for 'New York Girls', 'Best Live Act'- another win - and 'Best Album' for 'Hedonism'.

I have been a 'folkie' all my life and am actually quite a good singer [as long as there is no one within earshot] To make up for having no sense of rhythm, hearing for tone or pitch I instead play music very loudly thus when singing along being unable to even hear myself accompanying it.

Of course it depends on one's mood what goes into the cd player but on a grey, damp day outside like today Bellowhead's Hedonism playing of exuberant workings of traditional folk tunes make me hop, skip and jump around my housework [metaphorically perhaps!] Two tunes in particular stand out for me: New York Girls, a 'traditional' song arranged by Bellowhead's two founders and Amsterdam, the lovely Jaques Brel song [also performed gorgeously by Rod McEwan - anyone else remember him?], the Mort Shuman translation arranged by another Band member.

So if the damp weather is getting you down, sample a few tracks from this lovely, rocking folk album and enjoy!

BTW it was also sad to hear at the Folk Awards ceremony that Norma Waterson is seriously ill, and that her lovely voice is - temporarily I hope - quiet. Get well soon Norma and be able to sing some more lovely songs soon, please.

Bellowhead website:

If you would like to read about all of the Radio 2 Folk Awards with snippets of the performers [not necessarily from the evening however] go to:

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