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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Jane Austen and my new year intentions....

Well, I should have guessed this would happen! As soon as I announced my intention of starting a literary blog lots of things rushed in to take up my time, especially in my 'alter ego' of Elizannie and I have been posting, replying, communicating about events at !

However I have been following up on another New Year intention and reading along with a dear friend at who is re-reading Jane Austen's letters. This is where my kindle comes in handy as I do not have time to go book shopping so have 'bought' a kindle version of the book and am now enjoying reading along with the blog!

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  1. Ellen who writes 'Reveries under the sign of Austen' has asked me to add this comment as I have probably set the comments up wrongly. Thank you Ellen for your comment!

    "Very good. We can do the letters here by blog. It'll take you very little to catch up, and while my blog is not confined to Austen herself, I try to put in material which is directly related (Amanda Vickery). I do life-writing and seasonal ones but there too I try to link in. I have a generous definition of Austen studies so much women's writing is germane -- like Caroline Norton who wrote in a tradition of womens' novels Austen did not invent, but did a lot to make respectable."