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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

New Year's Eve, 2010. At a lovely party with some family and friends. About half an hour before midnight everyone in the room states their 'New Year Resolutions'. I don't do 'Resolutions' - they sound so stern and furthermore are easy to break. I go for 'Intentions', and one that has been brewing in my mind for a while is to start a new blog with mainly literary postings. So here it is.

January the second, 2011. I fall at the first post trying to find a name for my new blog. The name that I stayed awake trying to 'originate' on New Year's morning and thought wonderful proves to have already been taken so spend an hour thinking up this one and hoping that my Aunty Clarice will approve. Now I just have to think up a subject for my first proper post. This may take some time....

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